Got a drunk party guest on your hands? You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. Read below to get our top tips for handling some of your more “spirited” party guests.

Evite How to Handle a Drunk Party Guest

  1. First things first — spot the warning signs. More likely than not, they’ll deny they’re drunk. Don’t listen. This is classic I’m-too-drunk-for-my-own-good behavior. News flash: Anyone who says “I’m not even drunk,” is totally and completely drunk. Slurred speech? Can’t walk in a straight line? Bumping into walls? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then it’s time to take action. The votes are in, and survey says they’re #turnt. 
  2. Turn in the vodka sodas for some good ol’ H2O. Make sure you have water in bottles or a pitcher out on your drinks table to encourage guests to refresh and replenish with H2O — and lots of it. Hydration is key to keeping drinks down — and avoiding spending all night holding their hair while they get sick on the bathroom floor. 
  3. Seek out support and enlist help. Time to phone a friend. Though you have a responsibility to make sure things don’t get too out of hand, you aren’t a babysitter. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance — dealing with a drunken guest can be a handful, and getting them to leave a party when they want to stay isn’t easy. Ask a mutual friend to intervene. If the drunk party guest in question is the spouse of your husband’s coworker or a friend of a friend, make them aware of the situation.
  4. Drop a few not-so-subtle hints that it’s time to hit the road. Say something like, “It’s been a long night, let’s get you home.” This might not go over well the first time around. If there’s one thing drunk people hate, it’s being told what to do. But don’t give up. If your first attempt is a flop, it’s time for some real talk. Take it to the next level by saying something like, “You’ve had a lot to drink tonight and it’s time to go home.” If the guest is prone to running or arguing, remind yourself that you’re trying to be a responsible host and do whatever it takes to get them home in one piece. Just don’t let them wander home alone. 
  5. Under no circumstances, do not, we repeat do not, let a drunk guest get behind the wheel. The last thing you want is someone driving home drunk, obvi. Plus, you could be held responsible for your guests’ drinking: If you offer alcohol to drunk or underage guests, you may be legally liable or held financially responsible for any property damages or injuries they cause. In some states, you can even be sued. Long story short: It’s in your best interest to make sure no one goes overboard. If someone at your party seems to be four sheets to the wind, take their car keys and arrange for them to get home safely, via cab, ridesharing service (like Uber) or another guest. Or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, let them crash on your couch for the night.

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