Evite How to Nix Pre-Party Nerves

Upcoming shindig got you feeling sick to your stomach? No need to stress — with our pro tips, you’ll be free of those burdensome butterflies in no time. Because parties should be all about food, friends and — most importantly — fun. Read below to get the inside scoop.

  1. Tune out the stress. Literally. Before the party, make a playlist featuring your all-time favorite upbeat, feel-good songs, then listen while you get ready. The music will help calm your nerves, pumping you up rather than getting you down. You’ll be ready to rock — and roll — in no time. 
  2. Prep your party look. Closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? We’ve been there, too. If you want to avoid having a full-on freak out a few minutes before you’re supposed to leave, pick your outfit the night before the party. Setting out what you want to wear in advance will help prevent pre-party jitters — and keep you from digging through the dirty laundry pile for your favorite T-shirt you forgot to wash. Plus, looking good will make you feel good and if you dress your best, you’ll get an instant confidence boost. 
  3. Arrive with a friend. As long as the host allows it, bring a buddy along. Or, skim the guest list and scope out someone you might know, whether it be a mutual friend or co-worker. A familiar face goes a long way and having someone by your side will put you at ease.
  4. Prepare some quick conversation starters. If mingling with strangers isn’t your strong suit, brainstorm a handful of party-appropriate questions or topics before the party. For example, ask how they met the host or where they work. Coming armed with a list of conversation starters will reduce the risk of you going into panic mode if you’re approached or want to introduce yourself to someone. Fresh out of ideas? Check out our top 10 things to talk about with someone you’ve never met. 
  5. Have a glass of wine. Read: ONE glass — don’t down the whole bottle in one sitting. While we aren’t condoning pre-gaming your jitters away, a little bit of wine goes a long way to help reduce stress before the big event.

Conquer your nerves once and for all by planning a party of your own! Start by sending the Evite invitation below or another one of our dinner party invitations or cocktail party invitations.

Evite Dinner Party Invitation

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