This holiday season, be on your best behavior with our holiday party dos and don’ts, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Lindt.

Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts

  1. DO RSVP. Failing to RSVP is a major faux-pas, not to mention a huge hassle for your host when it comes to planning party food and drinks. Try to send your RSVP as soon as possible — no later than two weeks after receiving the invitation and one week before the party — even if you aren’t attending.
  2. DON’T show up empty-handed. Hosting a holiday party is hard work. Be polite and bring a sweet and sophisticated gift (we love Lindt Gourmet Truffles in the shiny gold box) to show your sincere thanks. Your host can either set them out to share with guests or hoard them for later.
  3. DO dress to impress. Whether your host wants you to wear an ugly sweater or show up in a sequined dress or suit and tie, follow the dress code — even if it means forgoing your favorite pair of jeans. When in doubt, dress it up rather than down if a dress code isn’t specified. Still not sure what to wear? Clear up any confusion beforehand by giving your host a quick call or sending a simple text.
  4. DON’T arrive right on time. Unless you’ve been tasked with bringing party supplies or helping set up, don’t add extra stress to your host’s party prep by arriving right on the dot — he or she will likely still be dealing with last-minute details. Instead, aim to arrive about 15 minutes after the official start time.
  5. DO mingle. It’s fine to say hello to your host when you first arrive, but don’t stay attached to his or her hip the whole night. Instead, make an effort to mix and mingle with other guests. Need a quick conversation starter? Take a look at these top 10 things to talk about with a guest you’ve never met.
  6. DON’T bring a plus one without asking first. Unless you’ve cleared it with your host prior to the party (or the invitation gives you the go-ahead), stay on the safe side and show up solo. Your hosts have already prepped and planned the menu around the number of attendees, and arriving with an unexpected guest may put a strain on supplies.
  7. DO arrange a ride home. Not only do you want to avoid overstaying your welcome, you also want to make sure you make it home safely. If you’re planning on doing any drinking, recruit a DD prior to the party or plan to call a ride-sharing service.
  8. DON’T whip out your phone. Live in the moment and remember why you’re there — to enjoy the company of your friends, not check Instagram on the couch. If you’re attending a casual open-house style party, it’s more acceptable to sneak a quick peek at your cell, but as a rule, think silent night — keep your ringer off and your phone stowed away.
  9. DO thank your host. Don’t ghost, thank your host. It might seem old-school, but you should always thank your host before you leave the party, then send a follow-up digital thank-you card, text, email or phone call as soon as possible (preferably within a few days of the party). Don’t take the easy way out by ditching the party without saying sayonara. You don’t have to say see ya to every guest in attendance, but you should give your hosts a proper goodbye before you head home (they did feed and entertain you all evening, after all).
  10. DON’T be a scrooge. The holidays are the happiest time of the year — don’t spoil the occasion by being a grinch, even if you’re exhausted from fighting the holiday shopping crowds all day. It’s a party, so get set to celebrate!

Want to throw a party of your own? Start inviting your guests with the free Evite invitation below or another one from our Christmas invitation gallery or our New Year’s Eve invitation gallery.

Lindt and Evite invitation

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