Is "ghosting" okay, or do you have to say goodbye to everyone when you leave a party? by Evite

The short answer: it depends. If you’re at a loud and crowded party, sure, go ahead and “ghost,” or leave without saying goodbye. But if you’re attending a smaller, more intimate gathering where your absence will not go unnoticed (a potluck dinner, for instance), think again. We get it — it’s late, you’re tired and you’ve spent the whole night making small talk. But ghosting is still a major no-no. Pulling a Houdini-esque disappearing act may be tempting but, sorry, it’s also impolite.

You don’t have to bid adieu to everyone in attendance, but you should say sayonara to your hosts before you depart. After all, they did entertain you all evening; the least you can do is say a sincere thanks and wish them a good night. Brownie points if you send a follow-up digital thank-you card (we have dozens!), thank-you text or, if you’re feeling old-school, a handwritten thank-you note.

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