Do You Have to Reciprocate an Invitation to a Party? by Evite

Always the guest, never the host? If so, we’re calling you out: It’s payback time! News flash: If you score an invite to a party, it’s time to do the polite thing and return the favor. Does that mean you have to throw a party every time you attend one? No, but it doesn’t mean you can get away with never throwing one either. Read up on our top 10 tips for stress-free party planning and you’ll be planning your next party like a pro.

Strapped for time? You don’t have to reciprocate with the same type of event — for instance, if you’ve received an invitation to a friend’s home for dinner, you can take them out to lunch or invite them to come over for dessert and drinks. No need to pull out all the stops. Keep in mind, though, that never reciprocating is a no-no — especially if you want to continue to be invited to parties in the future.

If you’ve been invited to a large gathering with a long guest list (think blowout birthday bash or neighborhood Christmas party), you aren’t required to throw a similar style party to reciprocate. Likewise, you aren’t required to reciprocate for large, formal events like weddings, parties you have to pay to attend (such as charity events or bachelor and bachelorette parties) or parties where you’re the guest of honor. It is, however, polite in these cases to invite the host of the party to your next get-together, even if it’s simply a pizza and wine kind of night.

Looking for some tips to get your party started? Get inspired by our party ideas, planning tips and recipes! Then, start inviting friends to get together with the premium Evite invitation below or another one of our dinner party invitations or happy hour invitations. Aim to send your invitation no later than four months after your initial get-together.

Premium Evite Dinner Party Invitation

Life a little crazy? Offer to take the host out, or send a small hostess gift or digital thank-you card like the one below to show your appreciation.

Evite Thank-You Card


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