Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, our lives are online. From baby’s first birthday to brunch with your new bae, everything we do gets shared with everyone we know. Especially when it comes to posting at a party. Find out when it’s okay — and when it’s not — to post party pics on social media.

Don't Make These Social Media Mistakes: Top 5 Dos and Don'ts for Posting Party Pics

1. Don’t post without permission.

 No one wants to relive their most embarrassing moments from the night before — especially if the evidence has been publicly posted for all to see. Even if it’s not a keg-stands kind of party, ask for people’s permission before you post. Say you’re celebrating a kids’ birthday — some parents might not want pics of their kids online. Or maybe your host only invited a handful of friends and doesn’t want feelings to get hurt. Always ask first — your hosts and the people in the pic should have a say in how much they want shared. (P.S. Now that custom party hashtags are all the rage you should wait until you get the green light before you add them every photo ever).

2. Keep it PG. 

We all know the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” — but that was before social media. Now, everyone and their mother is on Insta. Literally. Meaning you probs want to rethink posting those pics of you doing body shots at your cousin’s bachelorette.

3. Don’t be a brag.

 If you want to avoid being that annoying AF friend (you know who you are), don’t use your FB to brag about how #blessed you are. You’re not Beyoncé (even though you might wish you were. Hey, we wouldn’t blame you — we do too). So stop showing off and trying to make everyone jealous. If you’re trying to turn up at happy hour, no need to post about the cute guy at the bar who kept buying you drinks.

4. Stop being an oversharer.

 Your life isn’t a reality show; no one needs a play-by-play of every minute of your event. And no one wants to watch your 150-second Snap story while they’re sitting at home in their sweatpants 4 hours into a binge-watching sesh.

5. Don’t be a B.

 Something about social media tends to bring out people’s inner high-school mean girl. So if you’re going to post, play nice.


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