Hey, you’re not the first person to forget the name of that person you just met three seconds ago at your friend’s brother’s birthday party. Sound familiar? Then check out these five tips for saving face when you forget someone’s name at a party.

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  1. Introduce them to a friend. Sometimes friendship calls for rescuing one another from uncomfortable situations. Forgetting someone’s name at a party happens to count as one of those situations. So the next time your short-term memory fails you, just ask your nameless new acquaintance, “Have you met my friend (insert name here)?” and wait for them to introduce themselves. Problem solved.
  2. Ask a mutual friend for their name. Seriously, thank your lucky stars for friends. Where would we be without them? Probably making lots of social faux pas and just generally being awkward. Chances are, there’s bound to be someone at the party who knows this mystery man (or woman) and can clue you in. Do yourselves both a favor and spare the awkwardness of asking for their name (again) by asking a third party.
  3. Remind them of your name. There’s an 80-90 percent chance that the person whose name you’ve been trying (and failing) to remember for the past 20 minutes has completely forgotten your name, too. If you think that’s the case, try saying something along the lines of “It was great meeting you. My name is (insert name here). What was yours again?” at the end of your conversation, or “Hey, I’m (insert name here), we met at John and Sophia’s party last summer” (which will hopefully serve as a clue that they should reintroduce themselves). If nothing else, you’ll both be bonded by your six seconds of shared embarrassment.
  4. Avoid using names altogether. It’s surprisingly easy to get through an entire conversation without ever actually referring to the other person by name. If their name continues to evade you no matter how hard you try to recall it, resort to using pronouns or making ambiguous exclamations like, “Hey, you!” Then, refer to tip number 2 to find out their actual name. Chances are, if you continue to shout, “Hey, you!” every time you see them, they’re bound to catch on sooner or later.
  5. Just ask them. Just ask, “What’s your name again?” Then, when they tell you their first name, say, “No, sorry, I meant your last name.” Now you have both of their names, no embarrassment necessary.