Every Question You Have about Baby Showers, Answered

OMG, someone’s having a baby and you’re invited to celebrate!

…Now what?

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First things first…
What were you invited to?

Baby Shower

What: This is the party you’re likely imagining: friends and family gather to celebrate somebody expecting their first baby with gifts and games. But throw every tradition you know out the window, because today’s baby shower looks different for every couple. Some parents choose to party together at a more casual and co-ed couples shower—it takes two to tango, after all. Other times, genders split, and males celebrate at their own “dad-chelor party,” if you will.

When: About 6-8 months into a pregnancy

Hosted by: A close family member or friend to the parents-to-be

baby sprinkle invitation

Baby Sprinkle

What: Think of baby sprinkles as your baby shower’s super chill, no-fuss cousin; it’s a more casual gathering that allows loved ones to celebrate a second (or third) addition to a growing family. Some might consider second baby showers a faux pas, but we say every newborn deserves a little party. However, since sprinkles are hosted for seasoned parents who likely have all the necessities, the pressure to spend big dollars is off; these intimate gatherings include fewer guests, and smaller, well-chosen gifts.

When: About 6-8 months into a pregnancy

Hosted by: A close family member or friend to the parents.

have you heard the buzz invitation with bees

Office Baby Shower

What: Basically a baby shower, but smaller and at work. This usually takes place during lunch with coworkers as an excuse to get out of the office—oops, we mean as a celebration of the joy of new life.

When: Before the parent-to-be heads out on parental leave

Hosted by: The parent-to-be’s coworkers

gender reveal party invitation

Gender Reveal

What: A celebration centered around announcing an unborn child’s sex, generally through a creative, color-coded “reveal,” like slicing open a Pinterest-inspired cake (cute) or extreme pyrotechnics (not recommended). This can occur in place of or prior to a traditional baby shower, depending on how extra the parents are.

When: About halfway through a pregnancy

Hosted by: The parents-to-be, with the help of family and friends

sip and see invitation

Sip and See

What: The baby is here… which means it’s officially cuddle time. This open house gathering invites family and friends to drop by and enjoy light sips and bites while meeting the little one in person and spending the foreseeable afternoon speaking in baby talk.

When: After the baby is born

Hosted by: The parents themselves

Your #1 task: RSVP!

Try not to RSVP “Maybe.”

Virtual events may take less preparation, but you should still aim to RSVP at least a week and a half before the shower as a courtesy.

If you’re not sure at first, aim to confirm one week after receiving the invitation.

Stressing about the gift?

Are they registered?

Before anything else, check for a gift registry. If a registry is included, bless! You can choose a gift you know they want and deliver it to their home.

Don’t forget the card!

Stumped on what to write? We’ve got you covered. Send a card now.

What do you wear? (Yes, even for the guys!)

You might only be seen from the waist-up on video chat, but that’s no excuse to wear sweatpants to a baby shower. It’s still a semi-formal occasion, so find a happy balance of presentable and comfortable.

Women: You can never go wrong with a sundress, or a nice jumpsuit.

Men: Pair a polo or short sleeve button-down with khaki shorts for just the right amount of spiffy.

Women:  Keep warm in a long dress with tights, or a cute sweater with dark-wash jeans.

Men:  Pair a polo or long sleeve button-down with khaki or navy pants—your choice!

How do you mingle?

Loitering by the dessert table? Checking your phone again? We’ve all been there. Baby showers can be cringe if you don’t know many guests, but don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with strangers—especially during the games! (That’s why they exist!)

Tip: Be mindful that others may be sensitive about their own, private baby situation.

Conversation Starters You Can Ask the Group

Speech bubbles with conversation topics for a baby shower

The Dos & Don’ts Around Parents-to-Be:



Say, “You look HUGE!”

Say, “Wow, you’re glowing!”

Tell your own baby horror stories (they’re anxious enough as it is!)

Remind the parents-to-be that they’ve got this!

Ask when they will let you see the baby in person.

Respect their space and give them time to make a decision that feels safe for them.

Phew, you made it! Anything else?

Say “congrats” again when the baby arrives!

Send a free card

Continue showing your support by sending a congratulatory card once the little one arrives.

Buy an eGift Card

Or, instantly send the parents-to-be an eGift card to help them with their next chapter.

Questions you might be too shy to ask your host

How long will the event be?

Baby Showers, Gender Reveals, and Baby Sprinkles: 2-3 hours
Office Baby Showers: Approximately 1 hour
Sip and Sees: Open house; drop by for 1-2 hours over the course of an afternoon

Should you bring anything besides a gift?

Not unless it’s requested! Check your invitation to see if there are any special requests. For example, many hosts suggest contributing a children’s book in lieu of a card to help build the baby’s library.

Do you need to eat beforehand?

You can’t rely on there being a full-on buffet at the party (though you might get lucky!), but you can likely expect light snacks and appetizers.

Attending a virtual baby shower instead?

Check out our guide to virtual baby showers.