Jamie Greenspan loves entertaining in her home – and since her husband is the one who cooks, she enjoys the other “fun stuff,” such as flower arranging. Take a look at Jamie’s foolproof arrangement tips below and learn how to add a floral touch of beauty to your next summer soiree!

Evite Foolproof Flower Arrangement
Color selection: “When I decide to make an arrangement, I visit my local flower shop and select a color palette that speaks to me,” Jamie said. (Jamie’s color inspiration today? Gorgeous purples.)

Evite Foolproof Flower Arrangement

Floral selection: Jamie then selects three different types of flowers with similar fullness – in this case, roses, hydrangeas, and lisianthus blossoms – all in complementary colors. “For a more modern look, I keep the flowers in ‘bunches’ by category instead of mixing them completely,” she says.

Arrangement: Jamie prefers to hide the tangled looks of stems with large banana leaves, a technique that’s as easy as 1-2-3! Note: You will need two banana leaves for a 10”x4” vase.

Evite Foolproof Flower Arrangement
Step 1: “
Bend the leaves back and fourth to break up the stems so they’re pliable.”

Evite Foolproof Flower Arrangement
Step 2: “
Roll the first leaf and place it in the bottom of the vase, then release so that it unwinds to fit the circumference of the space. Repeat with second leaf, placing it to cover any remaining blank space.”

Evite Foolproof Flower Arrangement
Step 3: “
Fill the vase with water, and arrange flowers as desired, adding one bunch from each floral category at a time until the vase is full.”

Evite Foolproof Flower Arrangement
Jamie’s final tip is to assemble leftover flowers in bud vases to spread about your home. “I love carrying a look throughout the house when I have guests over,” says Jamie. “I’ll even buy additional flowers specifically for this purpose.” For smaller clusters, she prefers tulips, small calla lilies, spray roses, and/or peonies.

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