Make sure your awards show party is a real showstopper with these three delicious appetizers, right in time for Oscar season! From Black Tie Brie Bites to Star-Studded Dip to Champagne Milkshakes, these recipes are not only simple to make but fun and tasty as well! Watch the video below to learn how. Need help bringing your party to life? Find party supplies organized by theme in our one-stop Amazon shop.



  • 1

    Black Tie Brie Bites:

    1) Cut brie cheese in quarters.

    2) Top on crackers with dijon mustard.

    3) Dice black olives.

    4) Use the black olives to top the brie cheese and serve.

  • 2

    Star Studded Dip:

    1) Using a star cookie cutter, cut corn tortillas.

    2) Fry in corn oil.

    3) Let cool and serve with guacamole.

  • 3

    Champagne Milkshakes:

    1) Add ice cream, chocolate syrup, half n’ half and champagne to blender.

    2) Blend.

    3) Serve and top with whipped cream.

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