Are you ready to send your little ones back-to-school? Prepare for countless lunches and playdates with these recipes for four fun animal-inspired snacks. Watch the video below to learn how to plan for your own, then read the instructions to get all the ingredients.



  1. Fruit Fish: Slice fresh oranges. Use carrots for their mouths and tails. Add candy eyes and then have blueberries above like bubbles.
  2. Fruit Crabs: Peel and cut two tangerines, adding them around whole tangerines to look like crabs. Add candy eyes on top.
  3. Bread Bears: Apply spread to white and wheat bread, adding blackberries, raspberries and bananas to create eyes, ears and nose.
  4. Marshmallow Sheep: Cut wheat bread into squares, adding chocolate candies in center and surrounding with marshmallows. Add candy eyes on top.
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