This weekend, you’ll gain an extra hour when Daylight Saving Time goes into effect at 2 AM Sunday morning. Put that time to good use by throwing an impromptu cocktail hour Saturday night — and make every drink a double, since guests will have double the time to enjoy them! Finally, for a guaranteed extra happy hour, serve a host of cocktails to match every party personality. Check out our suggestions and links to recipes below! 

Martini: The Sophisticate martiniMartinis are the quintessential cocktail classic, whether vodka or gin, shaken or stirred. Our version is made with lemon and basil for a new twist on the old favorite that even your most refined guest will love. Get our martini recipe.

Margarita: The Game-for-Anything Guestmargarita

Fans of margaritas are fans of fun. And hey, a salty guest deserves a salty drink. Serve them the old-fashioned way — over ice, not frozen — and made from scratch, not a mix. Get our margarita recipe.

Bloody Mary: The Iconoclast

bloody maryThose who drink Bloody Marys after dark like to blaze their own trail in life. And why not? Though traditionally a brunch libation, Bloody Marys make marvelous accompaniments to olives, cheeses, and other time-honored cocktail party fare. Get our Bloody Mary recipe.

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