Make your Easter celebration fun and simple with these adorable Easter Egg Bird’s Nests! Perfect for a kids table activity, or to simply serve your guests of all ages. Young and old won’t be able to resist these clever spring inspired sweets! Watch the video below to learn how to make your own, then read the recipe to get all the ingredients. Need help bringing your party to life? Find party supplies organized by theme in our one-stop Amazon shop.






Step 1: Melt butter in pan on medium heat.
Step 2: Add mini marshmallows to melted butter and let cook until fully melted. About 10 mins.
Step 3: Add rice cereal. Stir until fully mixed.
Step 4: Remove from heat and let cool to a warm temperature, so still malleable. Roughly 10 mins.
Step 5: Take 2 tbsp of rice cereal mixture and press into tin to make the nest. Repeat until mixture runs out.
Step 6: Remove from tin and place on parchment paper or surface to decorate
Step 7: Mix food coloring into 4oz of frosting.
Step 8: Spoon frosting into sandwich bags and cut tip off.
Step 9: Frost nests as you’d like. Get creative!
Step 10: Add 2-3 unwrapped chocolate eggs to nest. Serve and enjoy!


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