Watching the game with friends on your home court? Take a shot at these simple yet satisfying game-time eats.

Game Time Eats

Slam-Dunk Sliders

These smoked turkey sliders featuring provolone cheese and red peppers are full of flavor and easy to eat so fans can snack without taking their eyes off the screen.

Game Time Eats

High-Scoring Skillet Nachos

Tortilla chips topped with chili, cheese, salsa, sour cream and more? Yes, please. This snack classic is sure to score points with guests.

Game Time Eats

Crowd-Pleasing Chocolate-Dipped Chips

Add something sweet and salty to your snack menu. Chocolate and potato chips are fan favorites that taste even better as a team.

Game Time Eats

Best-Shot Salted Bread Knots

These bread knots, served with a side of store-bought nacho cheese dip, are sure to get you drafted to host for every game of the season.

Game Time Eats

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Hormel Evite Invitation

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