Short on time for an upcoming Halloween party? Try this fun and easy Jack o’lantern pumpkin pie DIY. Perfect for any classroom celebration, office party, fall gathering, or simply as a kid-friendly activity. Turn a standard store-bought pumpkin pie into a playfully crafty and whimsical Halloween jack o’ lantern…and really put the pumpkin in pumpkin pie. Watch the video below to learn how to recreate your own. To purchase any of the materials from the video, click on the links below from our partner Amazon.



Step 1: Melt about 8 oz. of the brown candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Stir until candy is fully melted and smooth.

Step 2: Spoon into to sandwich bag and seal the top. Push contents down into one tip and cut 1 cm. of length off the tip with scissors.

Step 3: Lay out a 12-in. piece of wax paper and pipe out the spooky face of your choice. 

**Helpful hints: if you are worried about making the face too big, or too small, place the pumpkin pie on top of the wax paper and make an outline. You can also print out pumpkin pie faces online to easily trace and pipe over your design.

Step 4: Once complete, set aside and let dry for 15-30 min.

Step 5: For the leaves and swirl designs, lay out another piece of wax paper.

Step 6: Melt about 6 oz. of the green and 4 oz. of the yellow and follow the same steps above.

Step 7: Pipe out 3-4 1 in. leaves and 1 ½ in. swirls.

Step 8: Take the yellow piping bag and pipe a yellow line down the middle of each leaf.

Step 9: Take a toothpick to smooth and mix the yellow and green and create the leaf shape you desire.

Step 10: Set aside and let cool for 15-30 min.

Step 11: Using a butter knife, score the top layer of the pumpkin filling to add “pumpkin” like ridges.

Step 12: Once the face candy elements are dry and firm, place on pie.   

Step 13: Take the pretzel rod and break off a 2 in. piece from one of the ends and place at the top of the pie to resemble a pumpkin stem.

Step 14: Lastly, take 2-3 dried candy leaves and 1 swirl and place around base of pretzel rod. Voila!

Step 15: Your spooky Jack o’ Lantern pumpkin pie is complete! Serve and enjoy with your impressed partygoers.

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