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If there are two things kids love, it’s cheese and chocolate. So for a special celebration, set up a bar featuring our easy, kid-friendly cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. After all, what’s more fun than fondue? Get the details below, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Chiquita Bites.


Healthy dippables like apple slices (such as Chiquita Bites, which are conveniently packaged pre-sliced) are perfect accompaniments to both cheese and chocolate fondues.


For extra fun, we dipped the ends of wooden skewers in different colors of tempera paint. For sparkly skewers, coat the ends with washable nontoxic glue, then sprinkle with edible glitter (available at craft stores and online), just in case some falls into the fondue.

dippable skewers

Safety tips: Tell kids to keep their hands on the colored part of the skewer. And since skewers are pointy, fondue is hot and melted cheese can clump and become a choking hazard, only serve fondue to kids 4 and above.


We also set out baby carrots (we used Chiquita Bites) and cubed baguette pieces with the cheese fondue and banana slices with the chocolate version.


To serve fondue, you can use a fondue fountain for the chocolate version or a fondue pot for either kind and set it on low (with kids, you don’t want it too hot). Don’t have a fondue pot or fountain? You can serve our cheese fondue and chocolate fondue recipes warm in a bowl and have the kids eat it right away.


Just don’t forget to keep plates and plenty of napkins handy. Yum!


Start inviting everyone over for delicious fondue with the free Evite invitation below or others from our Birthday for Kids invitation gallery.

fondue invitation


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