Every parent knows making school lunches every… single… day for their kids is, well, dreadful (insert sigh here). But don’t worry, Evite’s giving you a reason to celebrate with these 5 easy, fun and healthy bento box lunches that will have your kids saying yum and make you look like you have the coolest lunch-box game around! So, think inside the bento box and check out a full week of lunch options your kids will LOVE!

Monday Lunch Box:

Turkey ranch wrap, popcorn, red pepper hummus + carrots, strawberries + blueberries, and gummies.

Tuesday Lunch Box: Ham wrapped pretzel sticks, star-shaped cheese, and crackers, melon ballers, cucumbers + ranch, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  

Wednesday Lunch Box:

Crackers + cheese, apple slices, hummus + celery, pita chips, and mini marshmallows.

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