It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world — and it’s about to get even madder with the start of March Madness! Invite friends over to watch the game… and while you’re at it, host a beer-tasting tournament for a guaranteed party-activity slam dunk. Just print out our March Madness Beer Tournament brackets, stock up on 16 kinds of beer, and you’re ready to play.


We’ve set up our Sweet Sixteen brackets to pit ales against lagers, but you can also decide on your own divisions, whether by a beer’s region of origin or its style (English-style bitters, such as Goose Island Honker’s Ale, vs. Belgian-style wheat beers, such as Shock Top, vs. American pale lagers, such as Kona Brewing Co.’s Longboard Lager, vs. bocks, such as Anchor Bock).

Play it over the course of several games, or play it during just one game with beer-flight-size servings for each brew. So you can cheer on your favorite March Madness team… and say “cheers” while you’re at it. Score!