The perks of attending the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (#SOBE) include getting amazing tips from fantastic sources, and if you’re not attending this year, Evite is your ticket to this valuable inside info. At the Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village, Celebrity Cruises® shared six simple grilling tips that will make all the difference in your grilling.

Evite BBQ Party Ideas Simple Tips for Better Grilling

  • Cook marinated steaks on high heat until the outside is seared
  • Don’t turn meat with a fork; the holes created will allow natural juices to escape, resulting in chewy meat and loss of flavor
  • Don’t use salt in your marinades as this will result in dry, tough meats — only use salt at the moment of grilling
  • BBQ and glazes should be added at the end of cooking; they burn quickly and aren’t used for internal meat flavoring
  • Charcoal grilling sears meats quickly for a crusty, caramelized exterior and better flavor
  • With charcoal, leave empty spaces to create areas of less intense heat for more control; sear in high heat, finish cooking in lower heat

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