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Red alert: Don’t wine and dine until you know what to pair with your pour. We’ve teamed up with Heartwood & Oak to help you brush up on your wine pairing basics. Cheers!

Meet Your Match: Wine and Food Pairing Guide by Evite

White Wine: Seafood and Poultry

Meet Your Match: Wine and Food Pairing Guide by EviteWhat white wine is known for: Refreshing, delicate flavor

Try this: Bear Hug Winemaker Select Chardonnay

You’ve just stepped off an escalator and onto a higher floor, where the light glows, the temperature’s perfect, and there’s a surprise party in your honor. You’re handed a glass of Bear Hug Winemaker Select Chardonnay. This delightful white features a harmonious balance of green apple, nectarine, honeysuckle and melon flavors.

Serve with: Lemon and herb-roasted chicken, turkey, smoked salmon and trout


Red Wine: Red Meat and Other Hearty Dishes

Meet Your Match: Wine and Food Pairing Guide by Evite

What red wine is known for: Rich flavor and color

Try this: Les Chartrons Bordeaux Rouge

This charming Bordeaux is as welcoming as an open chair by a cabin fireplace. Traditional style shines in Les Chartrons Bordeaux Rouge, which flaunts a lively red color, the flavors of cherry, spice and fresh herbs, a rounded mouthfeel, and supple tannins. Les Chartrons Bordeaux Rouge is produced from a refined blend of 70% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Serve with: Rosemary-seasoned rack of lamb, spice-rubbed roast duck, duck cassoulet, casserole and steak


Sparkling Wine: Appetizers and Desserts

Meet Your Match: Wine and Food Pairing Guide by Evite

What sparkling wine is known for: The ultimate celebratory beverage

Try this: Abbazia Cuvee Prestige Collio

The tiny, concentrated bubbles in Abbazia Cuvee Prestige Collio make you feel like a balloon floating in the breeze. Made from famous Glera Prosecco grapes, this sparkling wine is produced in the charmat method, ensuring a refreshing balance of golden apple and spring flower flavors on top of a dry finish.

Serve with: Crab cakes, lemon tarts, crème brulée, ceviche, sushi or shellfish


Start inviting your friends over to enjoy perfectly paired wine and food with the free Evite invitation below or another one from our dinner party invitation gallery.

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