Castello® shared their expert suggestions on pairing wines with popular cheeses at the Whole Foods Grand Tasting during the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (#SOBEWFF), and Evite was there to pass them along to you. Reference Castello®‘s recommendations below and you’ll be prepared to host a lovely wine and cheese party whenever the mood — or occasion — strikes. Serve your favorite pairing at the next dinner party, or pack it up for a picnic!



The Cheese: Creamy Havarti
The Pairings: Sauvignon Blanc; Pinot Noir; lesser-oaked Chardonnay
This mild, buttery-soft cheese is light in body and color with artisan flavor styles such as creamy wild garlic, dill, and jalapeño that blend beautifully.

The Cheese: Aged Havarti
The Pairings: Malbec;  Shiroz; Pino Grigio
This mild, full-bodied, intensely buttery cheese has a more porous and crunchy texture than the traditional creamy Havarti, plus a hint of nuttiness with a tingle of milk salts.

The Cheese: Alps Hirten
The Pairings: Cabernet Sauvignon; sparkling wine; Port
Alps Hirten has a a crumbly, dry texture and complex taste that is sweet with a slight caramel overtone and a hint of pine. Castello® crafts it with milk from small alpine farms with fewer than 25 cows each.

The Cheese: Danish Blue
The Pairings: Full-bodied red Rioja; Tempranillo; Sauvignon Blanc
This cheese has a classic blue “bite,” with Castello®‘s version crafted in only three dairies in Denmark. A timeless addition to a party.

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