The World Cup’s first match, Thursday, June 12th, is fast approaching! Share in the spirit by hosting an international celebration with party food and drink ideas courtesy of lifestyle guru Sandra Lee. Your guests will high-five finger foods — known as tapas in Spain — such as bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers: Just stuff peppers with cheese, wrap them with bacon, then bake until crispy.

Evite BBQ Party Ideas Jalapeño PoppersFeast on German franks — don’t forget the Swiss cheese and sauerkraut! — for classic game eats with an international twist. Evite Gatherings World-Cup-Party-Germany-Reuben-Dogs-595   Skewer shrimp, brush them with garlic salad dressing, and grill for tasty Portuguese-style kebabs. Evite-Gatherings-World-Cup-Party-Roasted-Shrimp-595   Serve your guests German-style Windhoek Lager from Namibia; mix it with Coke (a World Cup sponsor) to pace yourselves for a long match. Evite-Gatherings-World-Cup-Party-Germany-Beer-and-Coke-595   Ditch the energy drinks — give caffeine an extra kick with this coffee cocktail instead: Mix one ounce of Colombian espresso, one ounce of Smirnoff vodka, and 1 1/2 ounces of Baileys Coffee Liqueur. Evite-Gatherings-World-Cup-Party-Columbia-Coffee-cocktail-595   Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America with these Team USA cupcakes — just decorate white-frosted cupcakes with Old Glory toppers and red sprinkles. Evite-Gatherings-World-Cup-American-Cupcakes-595_with-stroke For more ideas on what to serve at your World Cup party, view a variety of “We Are the World Cup” dishes and drinks by Sandra Lee. Be sure to also check out the July/August issue of Sandra Lee magazine, on sale this month! Next: Invite guests over with this World Cup Party invitation from Sandra Lee’s collection of premium Evite invitations. Sandra-Lee-Score-Evite-World-Cup-invitation-595