It’s time to celebrate the achievements of the graduate(s) in your life – and we think that warrants throwing some confetti around. These fun and festive confetti throwers feature clever test tube holders (perfect for a graduation theme), and can be made with paper in your grad’s school colors. Materials are available at most craft stores or online, so get crafty and pass these out to graduation-party guests.

Evite Graduation Confetti Throwers


Evite Graduation Confetti Throwers

Step 1: Using fringe scissors, cut fringe along the length of the construction paper.

Step 2: Cut the fringe off the sheet of paper to create confetti. Repeat until you’ve reach your desired quantity.

Step 3: Fill test tubes with confetti.

Step 4: Cut out a small strip of construction paper, long enough to fit around the top of your test tube to create the bottom of your “cap.”

Step 5: Place a piece of double-sided tape at the end of your construction paper, and tape to the top of your test tube.

Evite Graduation Confetti Throwers

Step 6: Cut a 1.5”x1.5”square of construction paper for cap top.

Step 7: Wrap needlework thread eight times around four fingers times, wrap the thread halfway around again, and cut.

Step 8: Take the thread bundle off of your fingers and cut through the top of the loop.

Step 9: Cut a new piece of thread, and double knot it around the center of the bundle.

Step 10: Fold the two halves of thread together, and lay a new piece of thread beneath the bundle.

Step 11: Tie the piece of thread a little ways down from the top of the bundle.

Step 12: Trim the ends to match.

Evite Graduation Confetti Throwers

Step 13: Punch a hole in the center of the square. 

Step 14: Tie the two loose ends of thread together to create a loop and trim the ends. 

Step 15: Insert brad into the hole, and wrap the tassel around the brad.

Step 16: Apply hot glue around the top of the cap base and attach the top of the cap.

Step 17: Let dry for 30 seconds, and you’re confetti throwers are complete!

Evite Graduation Confetti Throwers

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