Congratulate the grad in your life with our festive Money Lei! This decorative chain of cash may be given before the ceremony to wear during commencement, or presented at the party as gift-giving begins. The lucky recipient will appreciate the clever presentation as well as the funds, and you’ll be content with the knowledge that your graduation gift was as practical as it was fun.

Evite Graduation Gifts: DIY Money Lei

  • One-dollar bills ($30 and up makes a nice length)
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Monofilament (fishing line)
  • Crafting beads
  • Ribbon

Evite Graduation Gifts: DIY Money Lei

Step 5: String one end of filament through the center of a bill (a space was created when the corners were gathered). Repeat with the second end of fishing line.

Step 6: String the two ends of fishing line together through one bead and tie a knot to secure.

Step 7: Continue steps 5 and 6 until you’ve reached your desired length. You can either tie the ends of the fishing line together, or add some ribbon to the ends to increase the length (and make the lei more comfortable to wear).

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