orange you glad there's a peppermint straw?

If you’re the kind of parent who doesn’t want your kid getting messy, it’s time to make an exception. Peppermint orange drinks are too painfully cute to pass up during the holidays. They’re so darn easy to make, ultra festive, and kids will get their vitamin C during prime cold season (bonus!), albeit through a candy stick. Hey, you’ve got to let ’em live a little!

All you need is a regular peppermint stick and an orange. I know, you’re skeptical, and so was I when I first tried it, but the peppermint stick really does work as a straw. I have a few tricks to get the juice flowing. And as upset as I am that I didn’t think of this concept myself, I’m just as thrilled that something so inexpensive and basic can bring so much sticky, sugar-fueled joy to little ones. 

Peppermint Orange Sippers

  • Oranges
  • Old-fashioned candy peppermint sticks (or a candy cane with the top broken off)

Insert one peppermint stick into the top of each orange, and serve.

Sipper Tips: There are a few things you can do to get the most juice out of your sippers.
First, pick the right orange. Valencia is one of the juiciest varieties
and is my top choice for this recipe. Second, before inserting the
peppermint stick, pop the orange in the microwave for 30 seconds on
high to get the juices flowing.