Over the past year, you’ve probably daydreamed about the plans you’d like to make—sans children—with your partner and/or other parents. Between remote learning, working from home and being surrounded by your child(ren) 24/7 since the start of the pandemic, the last 12+ months have offered up some of the most significant and unexpected experiences of your parenthood. It’s important to remember to pat each other on the back for a job well done during these crazy times, and what better way to do so than with a much-needed parents’ night out?

If you haven’t planned a parents’ night out (PNO, for short) yet, this is your sign! Need a little parental guidance? Here are some tips and inspiration for your grown-ups-only evening.

Decide Who’s Joining You

Is it just you and your S.O.? Or do you also want to hang out with people who live at a separate address from you? Figure out who you want to invite, and give them at least two weeks’ notice so they can plan accordingly (finding a sitter and choosing an outfit for the first time in a while takes time!). If you’re feeling especially spirited about your first time out in a while, send an invitation to get everyone equally as excited!

Pick a Place Everyone Will Appreciate

Determining where to spend your PNO may require a bit more conversation depending on who’s involved. Right now, it’s important to take people’s safety concerns into account when deciding upon where you want to spend your time. Consider restaurants where you can sit outside if someone prefers to do that, or head over to a local park with picnic tables to make it more intimate for your group. If everyone is vaccinated and ready for it, hitting up a bar is also an option! Lastly, never underestimate the power of an awesome dinner party held at someone’s house.

Keep the Kids Happy at Home

If your kids aren’t old enough to stay at home by themselves, reach out to your favorite babysitter or a local relative. Another idea to consider is to research trusted services that provide childcare. Also, keep in mind that your kids have been missing time with their friends too. If everyone involved feels comfortable doing so, bring them to a friend’s house for a playdate or get all the PNO kids together with a couple of great sitters and they can have their own party! 

Brush Up on the Convo Starters

According to a recent Evite survey, 34% of respondents feel that they have become more awkward due to spending so much time in their homes over the past year. Fear not! This great Bustle article has some ideas on how to get the conversation flowing with friends you haven’t seen in a while. You’ll find that once you get going, you might need to make plans for another get-together soon because there won’t be enough time to chat in this one!

Enjoy a night of adult conversations, dressing up and getting out of the house for a bit. Don’t stress out too much about the logistics, and relish in the face-to-face company of those you miss spending time with. 

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