Now that society is opening up and small gatherings are permitted, we’re looking for any excuse to celebrate a small victory and get the people we miss like crazy together. That’s why this spring we’re all about the “micro party” – i.e. getting a few close friends together to celebrate literally anything you want. Here are 10 of the best and silliest reasons we could think of to throw a micro party this spring.

Reminder: Be sure to follow local CDC guidelines around gathering indoors.

“Made It Through the Week” Party

Sometimes just getting to 5 pm on Friday is reason enough to celebrate. If you’re having one of those weeks, give yourself something to look forward to by planning a small outdoor happy hour, just for making it to the weekend.

“New Look” Party

If you’ve been living in sweats and trimming your own bangs all year, host a mini party to debut a new look this spring! What better reason do you need to finally get done up in a cute new outfit and show off your professionally styled hair? Invite a few close friends to come admire your new look over drinks and snacks.

Skate Park Meetup

Got kids who are into skating, biking, or blading? The skate park is an easy and safe place to meet up outside with friends and enjoy some fresh spring air while socializing. Set the date with this themed skating invitation. Make sure to bring some snacks and folding chairs for the grown-ups, or go all out and make scoring paddles to judge the kids’ tricks! 10/10.

Missed Birthday Party

Whether it was your 40th last fall, or your kids’ 9th and 10th over the winter, chances are we all missed out on celebrating our birthday the way we wanted to in 2020. Flip the calendar back, invite some close friends, and do it right this time! And if you’re serving cake, keep it germ-free with these birthday candle tips.

Fancy Dress Up Night

Bet you never thought you’d miss wearing high heels all night, right? Invite your besties to put on their favorite formal attire for a Champagne toast and a little driveway dancing, just to feel pretty and cut loose a little.

3rd/4th/Whatever Grade Graduation

Our kids all deserve a medal for making it through this school year. Whether they’ve been in virtual classes or masked up in person, throw the milestone graduations out the window and celebrate every “graduate” in your house with pomp, circumstance, and lots of cake.

Good Report Card Celebration

Looking to incentivize the kids to study hard in the final stretch of the school year? Let them have a few friends over in the yard to celebrate getting straight A’s, or just trying their best.

Halloween in June

Dig out the decorations and some favorite old costumes, and make up for the Halloween that we didn’t get to have last fall. Get the neighbors involved in block-wide trick-or-treating, or invite a few friends over for scary movies and Halloween-themed candy.

“Imaginary Vacation” Party

Set the scene for your dream trip locale, whether that’s the cafés of Paris or the beaches of Bali, and invite a few close friends to go “on vacation” with you in your decked-out backyard. Don’t forget to check their passports!

Mother’s Day Off

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that moms deserve a serious break after this past year. Once you feel comfortable hiring childcare or leaving the kids with family again, we demand all moms take a day off together and get some much-needed “you” time.

Got your micro party plans in place? Send digital invitations for your first get-together now, and don’t forget that you can share photos before, during and after your party through Evite!