Turning 21 marks the age one can begin legally drinking in the U.S., so this particular birthday calls for a party full of fun and libations. Read up on our tips for a blowout bash you hope not to remember!


Choose one of Evite’s 21st birthday invitations, like the beer-themed invitation below or a “Legally Legal” ID invitation. You can also choose another design from our Birthday Milestones invitation gallery.

Evite 21st Beer Invitation


Choose decorations related to alcohol, from plastic beverage stirrers to novelty glassware. Get shot glasses (or ask guests to bring their own) and line them up on your bar. For a unique twist, buy or make edible shot glasses.

For variations on this idea, go simple with a martini theme or do it up big with a tiki party. Bonus points for creating a retro-cool tiki bar where you can whip up all sorts of potent potables.


Whether or not you throw a costume party, the birthday guy or gal should be decked out for maximum attention and, if you choose, maximum embarrassment.

Before the party, buy helium birthday balloons so you can tie them around the birthday person’s wrist. Add a tiara, sash or hang a birthday sign around their neck and the guest of honor will instantly become the center of attention — plus, you won’t run the risk of losing him or her in a crowd.

To get the whole gang involved, throw a toga party. All you need are white sheets, green wreaths to wear in your hair and a large group of people to chant, “Toga! Toga! Toga!”


If you go with the toga party theme, a fashion show and costume contest must be in order. Award prizes for most elaborate and most authentic toga costumes. Or, organize a tipsy Olympics with alcohol-fueled games like dizzy bats or a series of drinking games.

Going out? Pub crawls are a great way to introduce the birthday person to some new hangouts and help him or her get used to flashing a legal ID.


Sophisticated and fun party food is just right for this important milestone. And no, we’re not just talking about JELL-O shots. Add some substantial food so it doesn’t get too out of hand.


For party drinks, mix up a classic Long Island Iced Tea. Here’s all you need:

1 part tequila
1 part rum
1 part gin
1 part vodka
1 part triple sec
1 part sour mix
Splash of cola
Lemon wedges for garnish

Mix together alcohol and sour mix in a pitcher. Pour into glasses. Add a splash of cola to each, and garnish with lemon wedge.

For non-alcoholic drinks, go with root beer or Shirley Temples for an easygoing mood.