Life’s a party—but there’s so much more to celebrate than just the major holidays. With unlimited reasons to party, unlimited invitations make it even easier to plan get-togethers any day of the year.

Whether you prefer spontaneous or planned, find your own reason to celebrate. Plus, word on the street is that getting together face-to-face makes us happier and healthier—so why wait? The more parties you throw, and the more people you meet, the happier you’re likely to be. Here are five non-traditional parties you never thought to throw until now.

#1 National “Fill In the Blank” Day

For nearly every day of the year, there’s a weird and wacky national holiday that accompanies it. If ever there were an excuse to celebrate, these strange national holidays are it! From National Strawberry Ice Cream Day to National Deep Dish Pizza Day to National Puppy Day, the list goes and on. If there’s something you’re deeply passionate about, chances are there’s a holiday for that. Here are a handful we think are worth getting people together and celebrating:

  • July 17: National Hot Dog Day
  • July 21: Ice Cream Day
  • July 24: Cousins Day
  • August 10: National S’mores Day
  • August 4: Sisters’ Day
  • August 26: Dog Appreciation Day
  • September 4: Eat an Extra Dessert Day

#2 Community Build Party

Activism is in! Between 2017 and 2018, activism events on Evite rose 224%. Get in on this growing trend and get people together to do good. Plan an afternoon to plant trees in your neighborhood, volunteer at a local shelter, or paint a mural at an elementary school. You can even host an event for a large group (think 750+ people). Plus, with Evite Donations, you can turn any event into an opportunity to give back to a nonprofit or personal cause. Guests can donate without ever leaving the invitation, regardless of RSVP status. You can also invite guests to support a personal cause, from college savings to medical funds, for yourself or a beneficiary via Evite Donations. 

5 Parties You Never Thought to Throw Until Now | Evite

#3 Half Birthday

When it comes to party planning, birthday parties are about as traditional as they come. But have you ever thought about planning a party for your half birthday? Why wait a whole year to celebrate? If you start celebrating both your birthday and your half birthday, that’s two parties per year, which also means twice the cake, twice the gifts, and twice the fun. You can celebrate the halfway point of all your favorite holidays, like 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in between.

#4 Treat Yo Self Party

We all know life can be stressful, which is why we’re telling you to throw a Treat Yo Self party. This is your chance to invite your friends over to do, eat, and watch whatever you want. Surround yourself with your favorite people and have a day full of your favorite things.

#5 First Friday Party

Between work, family, friends and everything else in between, we know it can be hard to find time for everyone important in your life. First Friday parties are a great way to consistently keep up with friends by getting on – you guessed it! – the first Friday of every month. Host a casual get-together at your place with dinner and drinks, snacks and board games, or a movie night. Set up a recurring event reminder, then effortlessly design, send, and track invitations anytime, anywhere, from any device.



With five more reasons to celebrate than you had five minutes ago, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get started planning your next party now! No matter the occasion, big or small, silly or serious, Evite Pro can help you simplify year-round organizing with unlimited invitations and cards, and larger guest lists.

Inspired to plan your party? Send this ad-free and fully customizable Premium Invitation below. Regular party animal? Learn about Evite Pro, the better way to manage professional and year-round events.


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