It’s time to spice things up a bit. Make an invitation to your dinner party more inviting with one of these five dinner party ideas — and serve up an evening for the books with these tips brought to you by Evite in partnership with FlavorPrint.

Dinner Party
1. A Trip Around the World:
Celebrate everyone’s heritage and your friends’ diversity. Ask guests to bring dishes from their family’s country of origin, or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, ask them to simply name their favorite dishes and make them yourself! Give your guests the opportunity to try a variety of foods and explain the culinary traditions they grew up with.

2. Breakfast for Dinner: You know what they say — breakfast is the most important meal of the day … and the most delicious! But breakfast isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Serve pancakes with all the fixings for dinner and enjoy!

3. A Flavorful Feast: Ask guests to take the FlavorPrint quiz, a personalized recipe recommendation service that takes less than two minutes to complete. Based on their profiles of their favorite flavors, they’ll each receive a few recipe suggestions. Pick one dish from each guest’s list and prepare a meal from the results, choosing complementary dishes. For example, when the Evite staff took the quiz, the results for our marketing coordinator Casey included tortilla soup, while account director Sarah received a cheesy vegetable quesadilla recipe and designer Cindy got a suggestion of spiced chicken with tomato avocado salsa. Put them together and it’s the makings of a great meal!

4. Pick a Theme: Throw a casino, decades or nautical party or one based on your favorite movie (Hunger Games, anyone?). Serve foods that tie in with the theme — and don’t forget the decor! Extra points for getting guests to come in costume.

5. Host a Cook-Off: Pick a crowd favorite that will hold up well over the course of the party, such as chili or soup. Ask everyone to bring their entry (crockpots encouraged) and hold a taste test for the most delicious take on the dish.

Invite your friends to your dinner party with the premium Evite invitation below or with others from our dinner party invitation gallery. potluck invitation