Evite Party Ideas Paid Post

Hosting a football-watching bash over the weekend, but don’t want to get up at the crack of dawn to pull it off? Work ahead to lighten your load: Here are eight things you can do beforehand so you can focus on the scores — not the chores — on the big day. Check out our tips brought to you by Evite in partnership with Qdoba.


Buy ahead — way ahead

Get everything you can — from drinks to disposables — at least a week ahead. That’s also a great time to place a catering order. That way, you won’t have to take a timeout from the party to buy anything you missed.

Leave the food prep to the pros

Instead of slaving over the grill and missing crucial plays, why not let someone else supply the eats? Just call up a caterer (we like Qdoba’s catering for their customizable and Hot Naked Burrito®, Nacho and Taco Bars complete with all the fixings), place your order and sit back and relax!

Set up the tables

Now that you’ve got the food tackled, it’s time to set up the tables and rearrange furniture for optimum flow. In addition to your main eats area, add a drink table and put a beverage tub or cooler and openers on it now so all you have to do later is add ice and bottles or cans. Set up smaller TV trays in the living room so guests have a place to put plates and drinks.

Clean your casa

Make sure your space is sparkling by doing some pre-party cleanup.  Dust, vacuum and curb the clutter in the days before the party so you’ll have a clean playing field.

Set up stadium seating

When you’re hosting a football party, seating is key; after all, people need a comfy place to sit and enjoy the game. Look around your house to see if you can borrow chairs from another room or have any furniture (such as ottomans or benches) that can do double-duty. If you don’t own enough seating, consider borrowing from a friend or even renting. And don’t forget to set out plenty of pillows for those who prefer to park on the floor in front of the TV.

Stock the bar

Rooting for their favorite team is sure to make frenzied fans thirsty, so stock up beforehand with a variety of drinks, such as beer, soda and water. For a touch of tailgate flair, a mini keg is always a fan pleaser.

Load up on ice

Clean out your freezer now so you’ll have room for all the ice needed to cool down beverages on the big day. Make and store ice a few days ahead to be sure you’re ready for kickoff.

Prep for halftime activities

Set up games to entertain your guests at halftime and beyond, such as football squares, beer pong or football bingo. Buy prizes like gift cards, foam footballs or trophies to score major points with partygoers.

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