If there is anything that our data shows this year, it is that Americans are resilient. When it comes to prioritizing the time they spend with family, friends, and all their loved ones in between, they are willing to go to great lengths, even if it means doing so virtually.

This year, we went from face-to-face time to screen-to-screen time as celebrations and other life milestones moved online to keep those we love safe and healthy. As we all know a little too well by now, this included everything from birthdays and happy hours to weddings and baby showers. 

While it seems like everything around us is changing, when we published our 2020 Party Trend Report earlier this year, we noticed a lot of things staying the same in a very special way – people are still celebrating one another, they are still giving back, they are still participating in trends (even if that means participating in countless car parades) and, most of all, they still love to party.

According to our newest data, some parts of the country partied even harder than others and we want to keep the friendly competition going by revealing who topped the virtual cake. Here are the states and cities that have been celebrating the most virtually in 2020:

  • States that party the most virtually
    • California (2.2mm guests)
    • Texas (1mm guests)
    • New York (698.1k guests)
    • Florida (641.3k guests)
    • Georgia (640.6k guests)
  • Cities that party the most virtually
    • New York, NY (416.2k guests)
    • Los Angeles, CA (278.9k guests)
    • Chicago, IL (207.8k guests)
    • Houston, TX (166.5k guests)
    • Dallas, TX (125.3k guests)
    • Washington, D.C. (111.9k guests)

Congratulations to the states and cities that brought home the virtual crown! We hope everyone’s last couple weeks of the year are spent doing things that we believe to be most important – connecting with the people in your life that you can’t live without, whether that’s over Facetime, in a card, or through a virtual party

And for those looking for a goal to kick off 2021… We challenge you to come up with creative ways to welcome the new year. If you need some inspiration to get you started, check out this blog post with fun virtual party ideas.