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What’s a baby shower without the games? Instead of spending hours searching online for the right party game, check out our five favorite baby shower activity ideas for a virtual or in-person celebration the parents-to-be will never forget. These games will encourage a little friendly competition and help keep guests engaged, whether you’re gathering over video chat or face to face. P.S. Don’t forget to come bearing gifts! If there’s anything new parents need, it’s diapers – and lots of them! Get all the activities below, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Pampers Swaddlers®.


Virtual Baby Shower Activities

Trivia Quiz

Who knows the parents-to-be best? Create a trivia quiz all about the new parents. Where did they meet? When is their anniversary? How many siblings do they have? Guests can chime in answers over the video call’s chat feature, and whoever answers the most questions quickly and correctly wins a prize! Need a tie-breaker? Play a second round with questions focused around newborn babies to see who knows the most about parenting. 


Who’s Who?!

Who doesn’t love baby photos? Ask guests to send in both a baby photo and a current photo of themselves before the shower, then create a slideshow of all of the baby photos with numbers attached to each one. During the shower, share the slideshow for guests to guess who is pictured in each photo. Hosting mixed friend groups? Create a reference guide using the current photo submissions with the correct names attached, so guests can get familiar with other faces. Don’t forget to present the person who matches the most photos correctly with a prize!


In-Person Baby Shower Activities

Messages for Mom

If there’s one thing any new mom needs, it’s an endless supply of diapers. In fact, they’re the #1 must-have item that experienced moms would encourage other pregnant women to add to their registries and 90% of experienced moms wish they had registered for more diapers. Provide a big box of diapers then set up a station for guests to leave encouraging messages on diapers so new parents can read them during late-night diaper changes. We recommend Pampers Swaddlers® because they’re the #1 choice of hospitals.*

Baby Shower Activities | Evite

Baby Shower Activities | Evite

Baby Shower Activities | Evite

Baby Shower Activities | Evite


Onesie Decorating Station 

Newborns will go through nearly as many onesies as they will diapers (which is 10-12 a day!). Help new parents stock up on this necessity by setting up a onesie decorating station where guests can decorate their own onesies for the baby to be. Provide onesies in a variety of sizes so the baby can grow into them over time (you can also provide other clothing items like t-shirts, leggings, shorts or hats if you’re so inclined) then set out an assortment of crafting materials, like fabric markers, stencils, iron-on letters, and non-toxic paint. Stock your decorating station with other supplies, including scissors, pens and pencils, scrap paper (if guests want to pre-plan their design), and an iron and ironing board. Then let the decorating begin! 

Baby Shower Activities | Evite

Baby Shower Activities | Evite

Baby Shower Activities | Evite


Diaper Raffle

The more diapers, the merrier! To organize a diaper raffle, you will need to ask your guests to bring at least one package of diapers to the shower. As guests arrive, have them write their name on raffle tickets — one for each box of diapers they bring. Later, pick out raffle tickets and give away prizes of all sizes, from gift cards to gift baskets. This way, you can help build the parents-to-be’s diapers stock while giving back to your guests!


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*Based on hospital sales data.