Babies will never need tiny little newborn shoes (they’re cute, but newborns don’t walk!) or perfumed powders and lotions, but there are lots of things that will definitely be great for new parents to have on hand. Some things almost all moms register for, but some fun and useful things they’ll love may totally slip under their radar.

Evite diaper cake
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Here are some baby shower gifts that will definitely come in handy that your friend or loved one may not have thought to ask for:

Cool-mist Humidifier
There isn’t a baby in the world who has made it through the first two years without some major cold causing the gamut from croupy hoarseness to drippy, annoying, buggerosity. One of the best ways to treat it (and with no side effects!) is with a good cool-mist humidifier. It’s way easier than bringing the baby into a bathroom and running the shower for hours! A humidifier increases the moisture in the air, soothing a raspy throat and making it easier for the poor munchkin to breathe. (Stay away from hot-water vaporizers – they can cause nasty burn accidents!)

Baby Carrier
Wearing is wonderful! Plus, life is a lot easier when a mom or dad wears their little bean instead of totting him around in arms all the time. Plus, the closeness helps the baby to feel safe and secure. There are lots of good slings and carriers on the market (it helps to try one on before buying it). Some can even convert for carrying children from newborn to big toddlers!

Swaddling (along with the other 4 of the 5Ss) is a miracle for stressed-out parents and fussy infants, because it reminds little babies of how cozy it felt in mama’s womb. I like swaddling using a big, square flat blanket, but at 1 AM it can be a real challenge to wrap a baby just right. Wrapping correctly is important because if you wrap too loose, it comes undone, but too tight, and it could hurt the baby’s hips! So, you might want to give a gift of a good swaddler to help the new parents bundle beautifully.

The Happiest Baby Soothing Sleep Sounds CD
Speaking of 1 AM, white noise is one of the most reliable ways to settle a little baby, from running a vacuum cleaner to the age-old trick of shushing into a baby’s ear. The Happiest Baby White Noise CD has six specially engineered sounds: three that are extra effective to calm shrieking cries, and three that sound just like the rumbles in the womb… perfect for keeping babies asleep. Most computers and phones have very tinny speakers, so playing white noise apps can sound irritating. The low-pitch, rumbly sounds on the Happiest Baby CD are much more effective for sleep… and great (when played loud) for calming screaming babies while you’re driving in your car.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs
Lots of moms think to register for burp cloths, and lots think to register for bibs, but why not get two in one? These cool gizmos are made out of muslin, which is super-soft and light, and they can make great burp cloths… or you can just snap them to turn them into bibs. Pretty cool!

Books Galore
Reading is good, even to little infants! Babies whose parents read to them every day learn faster, talk earlier, and read sooner. Give mom and baby a collection of new books, including black-and-white books for little-bitties, like Peter Linenthal’s Look, Look! and children’s classics such as Go, Dog Go!, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Goodnight Moon.

The Happiest Baby DVD
Who couldn’t use a copy of the most popular parenting DVD in history? Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The 5 Ss (the key tips of baby calming) work super well, but they’re a lot easier to learn to do correctly by watching them versus reading about them. (The DVD is also a much faster way to learn compared to reading a 250-page book.)

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