Baby Shower Prediction Game Hero

What’s growing in mama’s belly? Boy or girl? Big or small? Scorpio or Sagittarius?

In our latest baby shower prediction game, guests can take their best guess at what the baby will be, from time of birth to weight and length. Skip the scrappy printables and add this game directly to your invitation, so you can track how stats are stacking up anytime. With colorful icons and a festive leaderboard, the game is a fun and easy way to get guests invested before the party even begins – and stay invested all the way until the big delivery date.

May the best guest win!

How to Play the Baby Shower Prediction Game

1. Add the game under the Baby Predictions Game dropdown while creating any free Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle invitation. Select which stats you will open up for guests to predict (sex, time of birth, weight, and length), and provide the expected due date so guests aren’t guessing blindly.

2. Guests will be prompted to submit predictions on the second step of their RSVP, but if they’re not ready, they can also return to the invitation to submit a prediction later. Participation is totally optional!

3. You and your guests will be able to see everyone’s predictions as they’re submitted in a fun infographic, located under the “Games” tab.

4. After the baby arrives, you’ll be prompted to input the real birth stats, so we can declare the guest with the closest prediction the winner.

5. We’ll notify everyone of the results!

Ready to play? Browse Baby Shower invitations here to start planning.