The arrival of a new bundle of love is a milestone in itself – and only the start of the celebrations. From the first month to the first tooth, a baby’s first year brings countless memorable moments, but the ways we honor them take different forms around the world.

To help bring your loved ones together for any milestone, we’ve launched a new invitation collection dedicated to some of the most popular customs, each rooted in different cultures, religions, and traditions, that take place during the little one’s first year.

Choose from free and Premium invitation designs to start celebrating. Tip: You can add video chat to any invitation to make your event virtual, so guests near and far can join you.

Brit Milah, also know as a Bris

Invite loved ones to your child’s brit milah, also known as a bris, a Jewish male circumcision ceremony. A brit milah is performed on the eighth day after birth and generally followed by a meal in the family’s home.

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Naming Ceremony

Common in many cultures and religions such as Judaism and Hinduism, naming ceremonies bring family and friends together to christen a child with a formal name.

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Red Egg and Ginger Party, also known as Full Moon Celebration

Happy one month birthday, baby! Sometimes celebrated at the 100 day mark, this traditional Chinese party allows parents to formally introduce their newborn to family and friends while surrounded by symbols of fertility, luck, and balance (such as red eggs and ginger).

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First Tooth Celebration, also known as Agra Hadig

The first tooth is here! Celebrated among Armenians as Agra Hadig, this occasion takes place about four to seven months after birth. As part of the ritual, the baby chooses from various symbolic objects placed in front of them – a sign of their future career!

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100 Day Celebration

Gather for this Korean tradition celebrating when a baby turns 100 days old, surviving what was historically a vulnerable period for infants in Korea. Today, this party is hosted as a congratulations to the family.

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Celebrate baby’s first bite of solid food with Annaprashan, a Hindu celebration occuring around the 6-month mark. The religious ceremony is often followed by a game in which the baby is presented with a number of symbolic objects to choose from, believed to represent their future.

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This traditional Muslim ceremony sacrifices an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth, followed by a community dinner event. The baby’s name is often also officially announced at this time.

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Godh Bharai

Show love for mom-to-be with Godh Bharai, an Indian baby shower event in which loved ones, traditionally all female, come together to bless the baby, present gifts, play games, and dance!

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