Seven-year-old Morgan is an Evite Birthday Hero passionate about helping pediatric hospitals, homeless communities, and more. Read more about Morgan in the following Q&A with her and her mom, Alison, below.


Evite: Morgan, what inspired you to start giving back?
Morgan: When I was 5, my mom asked if I wanted to give some of the coins I’d find under vending machines and cash registers to non-profits. I was sad that kids in the hospital can’t go find money like I do, so I came up with the idea to give them piggy banks with $1 worth of coins I’d found inside.


Evite: How did you celebrate your 7th birthday?
Morgan: I had a Tea Party with a Purpose. My friends and I packed 85 lunch bags with sandwiches, snacks and water, then delivered them to the homeless shelter. My friends felt really good that they were able to help. On my Evite invitation, my guests could donate to the Lighthouse Shelter in Annapolis to help homelessness, too.


Evite: Tell us about your Kids’ Board.
Morgan: I like that every meeting is a new adventure. Mason, Esther, Layne and I eat pizza, read books about a kid changing the world, and do a project to help a non-profit. This year, we also did a big group project to raise money for babies, pregnant women, and animals affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We asked for donations outside of a grocery store and raised over $400 in two hours. Even though it was cold, I wanted to stay and help!


Evite: What would you say to encourage other kids to become Birthday Heroes?
Morgan: I’d say it feels very, very good inside to know you’ve changed the world in some way. Since it’s your birthday, you can pick a cause that matters to you–like if you love animals, pick one that helps animals! Kids’ hearts grow bigger when they give.

Evite: As a Birthday Hero, how will you continue to help causes in need?
Morgan: I want people to know it doesn’t have to be your birthday to give back, so I’m planning a Community Service Party where lots of kids can come do projects with non-profits.

Evite: Alison, how did you first talk to Morgan about donating her birthdays in lieu of gifts?
Alison: At 5, Morgan was fascinated with doctors and hospitals. We discussed what it must be like for kids in the hospital without toys, so for her 6th birthday, she decided she didn’t need new toys and asked for donations to pediatric units instead. She was thrilled to receive over 200 items to donate!


Evite: How does Evite Donations™ help Morgan to donate her birthday?
Alison: Evite Donations makes it super simple for people to virtually support a cause that Morgan has chosen, even if they can’t attend the party itself. Morgan loves seeing donations coming in on the invitation.

Evite: How does it make you feel to see Morgan donating her birthdays?
Alison: I love working with her to plan a party that’s fun and supports a cause she’s passionate about and I love seeing the pride she takes in giving back. Every organization Morgan has donated to has been so appreciative and I hope that inspires other non-profits to involve kids, too.


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