Want to wow guests at your next party? Serve them in style with this chic brunch coffee bar, complete with two kinds of coffee and a DIY donut wall. Watch the video below to get the how-to:

To start, prep the coffee by pouring the grounds into a French press. Offer a variety of flavors to accommodate each guest, then label each option so guests know what’s being served. Offer an assortment of creamers (we used fat-free milk, half-and-half and almond milk) and sweeteners (we used raw sugar, sugar cubes and natural stevia sweetener) so guests can customize their coffee to their liking.

To complete your coffee bar, include a couple of breakfast options to feed hungry party guests. No need to plan a full-on brunch buffet. Set out something simple to start, like yogurt, fruit and granola so everyone can serve themselves and build their own breakfast parfaits. If you want to build out your bar even further, you can bake muffins, scones, croissants or other popular breakfast picks.

For the finishing touch, add a sweet treat to complement the coffee. We went with donuts (because what goes better with coffee than donuts?), but you can pick up any of your favorite treats or baked goods at the grocery store. Guests can grab a breakfast treat to dunk in their coffee as they come and go.

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