A direct message via Evite which helps the host stay organized

You’ve decided to host a party and like a good host, you’ve sent out invitations a couple of weeks in advance to give people plenty of time to save the date in their calendars. RSVPs are coming in, but with the party still a few weeks away, maintaining anticipation is key. Plus, you’re probably getting asked a lot of questions, and are looking for ways to stay organized and keep everything on track Luckily for you, Evite Messages exists!

Evite Messages is the easiest way to communicate with your guests. Use it is as your personal party hype machine and a way to stay ultra-organized. Here’s how it works:

24 Hours After Sending: The Official Kickoff

Once you’ve set your invitation, we recommend waiting for 24-48 hours so you can collect RSVPs and questions about the event. Then, use the Broadcast feature to tell people how excited you are to see them, give any additional details about the party, or share answers to any questions you’ve been asked that may be beneficial to the broader group. 

Example: Hi everyone! We’re so excited to host you for Katie’s birthday bash after school on Friday. We’ll head to the park right after school and will have pizza and cake around 6 pm. Lynne has an SUV with room to take 4 additional kids, so please let one of us know if you’re interested in having your little one carpool with her.

One Week Before the Party: Collect Straggling RSVPs

If you’re still waiting for RSVPs, you can use Evite Messages to group guests by their RSVP status (“Maybe”, “Not Yet Replied”) and nudge them to RSVP. By using Evite messages to do this, you’ll keep all correspondence in one place — no digging through emails or text messages to keep track!

Example: Hi Carly! Just wanted to see if you’ll be able to make it to our BBQ next week. Please RSVP if you can to help me get an accurate headcount. Thanks!

Two Days Before the Party: A Final Push

Our standard, automatic reminder will go out to your guests two days before your party (you’re able to customize event reminders in your event settings in order to provide an earlier or later reminder). You can probably expect some last-minute RSVP changes and direct messages, so check the Evite app for any new questions or updates. You can also expect that the guests who have already RSVP’d yes will check the invitation again, so now’s a great time to send one final message to set the tone for your party.

Example: Saturday’s the big day! Please make sure you arrive prior to 8 pm as dinner will be served promptly. There will be a surprise entertainer during dinner — you won’t want to miss it. We’re so excited to have you. See you soon! 

You can use Evite Messages to collaborate on playlist songs, ask about allergy restrictions, coordinate carpools, or just tell everyone how excited you are to spend time with them. Ready to throw the best party ever? Browse invitations to get started.