Roses are red, violets are blue, but what flowers on Mother’s Day mean the most from you?

Whether you’re fluent in flowers (that’s floriography for you) or not, every bud has a specific meaning attached to it. With Mother’s Day coming up on May 9, it can be tempting to swoop up any pretty bouquet with same-day delivery. But with a little extra thought, you can turn a basic bouq into a meaningful message for the mother figure in your life.

To help you celebrate the lady of honor with blooms that feel uniquely her, we’re here to explain the meanings behind some of our top floral picks. Can’t find the words to express just how much whoever you call “Mom” means to you? Here’s your shot to say it with flowers.


Did you know that carnations are the original floral mascot of Mother’s Day? These fluffy, mini flowers symbolize a variety of motherhood virtues: purity, faith, love, beauty, and charity. Pink carnations in particular represent a woman’s or mother’s love, while white carnations traditionally remember a mother who has passed. Plus, biblical legend has it that carnations first sprung on earth where Virgin Mary shed tears over Jesus’ death. Despite being commonly used as a filler flower, a full and frilly spray of carnations make the ultimate bouquet on Mother’s Day.


A time-honored classic, roses are for the moms who simply never go out of style. If you’re gifting your partner and the mother of your children, you can’t go wrong with a romantic red. But roses make a stunning gift for any relationship. Choose pink to symbolize gratitude and appreciation for everything she has done for you, or yellow to symbolize your friendship. Can’t decide? Opt for kaleidoscope roses (also known as rainbow roses) to express that Mom is a beautiful mix of everything.


A springtime favorite, tulips emanate a fresh and upbeat energy. These bright bulbs in any color are ideal for mothers with vibrant and easy-going personalities – maybe even a bit whimsical. As one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, tulips can also symbolize birth and are thus well-suited for new mothers. Mix pink stems into your bunch to add a touch of warmth and affection.


Symbolizing purity and refined beauty, lilies are for the sophisticated mother or grandmother. Featuring large petals, lilies are captivating statement flowers – so you might give them to someone who can’t help but command a room. From calla to stargazer, lilies are an emblem of elegance and a sweet compliment to a mother of the same traits.


Associated with virility in ancient Greece and symbolizing “many children” in China, orchids are a thoughtful choice for a growing family or even an expectant mother. Orchids also represent love, beauty, and strength, and make a fitting gift for someone who values a peaceful and serene atmosphere.


Present daisies to someone who simply radiates happiness and optimism. A colorful and cheerful flower, daisies are for the mom who always has a smile on her face, and likely also the mom who gets her chores crossed off early in the A.M. before you even wake up. Like tulips, daisies can also represent new beginnings and make a thoughtful option for new moms as well. For a classic crowd-pleaser, choose a mixed assortment of boldly colored Gerbera daisies.


A less popular but sweet and symbolic selection for Mother’s Day, azaleas are known to be a symbol of femininity. Send azaleas to any female figure in your life as a token of gratitude and care, as well as a proud celebration of womanhood. Azaleas are flowering shrubs, which means you can gift it as a potted plant that will outlast your average bouquet.


If she’s more about her plants than her flowers, embrace it and present her with a meaningful potted plant she can enjoy year after year. Trendy and easy to care for, succulents represent loyalty and endurance; choose any kind to express appreciation for a mother figure who is always there for you. Or, pick out a simple but show-stopping red anthurium plant with waxy leaves and red heart-shaped blooms, aptly also known as an “ace of hearts.” Other creative ideas include bonsai plants, which personify harmony, wisdom, and calmness, or prayer plants, which stand for devotion and focus.

However you choose to change up your stems this year, make sure Mom knows the meaning of your selection. Jot down a few words about what your gift symbolizes in an accompanying digital Mother’s Day card. Our collection features sweet and sassy cards for every kind of mother. And for a personal touch, don’t forget to upload a photo of you and your favorite lady to the card! Not sure what to write? Check out our tips for writing a Mother’s Day card that isn’t cliché.