Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate this festive holiday with a fun fiesta. Check out our tips for throwing the ultimate Cinco de Mayo party, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Food Should Taste Good.

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Cinco de Mayo Decorations: It’s all about bright, bold colors. Add cheer to your party space by spray-painting 3-D paper-mâché letters (available at craft stores) in vibrant shades and sticking them to the wall using painter’s tape. For an extra fun touch, put mini piñatas on the table and hang them against the wall (we tied fishing line around them and taped the other end to the ceiling). Add an instant pop of color by making our quick and easy DIY neon flowers. Worried about spills? For easy cleanup, cover your table with a tablecloth, then add a length of kraft paper on top.

Evite Cinco de Mayo flowers

Evite Cinco de Mayo fiesta


Cinco de Mayo Food & Drink: Build a simple yet delicious DIY nacho bar using a variety of chips for a mix of flavors — we went with sweet potato, multigrain, blue corn, olive and Cantina-style corn chips. Then pile them high with your favorite toppings (we used shredded chicken, mango salsa and guacamole). Need more than nachos? There’s no better time for tacos. Make it easy by using the same ingredients from your nacho bar — just add tortillas. Quench your thirst and get your drank on with our mezcal mule — a South-of-the-Border spin on the classic Moscow mule. Finish off the festivities with a light, refreshing dessert, such as store-bought lime ice pops (to prevent melting, serve them up on a tray of ice).

Evite Cinco de Mayo party

Evite Cinco de Mayo fiesta


Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Activities: Say cheese! For a fun activity, set up an impromptu photo booth: Decorate a blank wall, lay out a few festive props, and let guests take part in a quick photo op. Then, put your piñata props to good use — make it rain candy with an old-fashioned piñata smashing.

Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo Invitations: Start inviting guests to your festive fiesta with this premium Evite Invitation or another one from our Cinco de Mayo invitation gallery.

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