Evite Party Ideas Paid Post

Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or engagement party, end the evening on a sweet note with a selection of decadent desserts. Watch the video below to get our top tips for building your own dessert bar, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Olive Garden

After guests are done with dinner, treat them to a sweet spread of delicious desserts. Offer a variety of options to please everyone’s tastes, then arrange them buffet-style so guests can serve themselves. We went with Olive Garden Catering because you can easily order an assortment of whole cakes plus single-serving Dolcini and have it delivered right to your door (we served Olive Garden’s Black Tie Mousse Cake, Lemon Créme Cake, Tiramisu and Dolcini). The best part? Each of the cakes come pre-sliced so no need to worry about making a mess trying to cut them yourself.


Make your setup more spacious by displaying each of your desserts on elegant cake stands and serving trays. Or, for a more rustic feel, use empty painted crates to elevate your cakes. Dress up your desserts by adding custom cake toppers to complement your decor, plus fresh spring flowers for a pop of color (we used roses, carnations and baby’s breath). No need to overcomplicate the decor – arrange fresh flowers in simple vases around the table and hang a banner that complements your color scheme to add a festive look and feel. Flowers are an easy – and affordable – way to dress up any table. Purchase professional arrangement from a florist or do it yourself by picking out your favorite flowers from a flower market or local grocery store. When putting together your floral arrangement, select blooms that are in season (we opted for carnations, roses and baby’s breath).




Give guests the option of selecting their own dessert by creating customized labels. To give our dessert bar an authentic Italian-inspired feel, we handwrote the name of each dessert on mini chalkboards.


In addition to each of Olive Garden’s cakes, offer an assortment of Dolcini (a decadent dessert featuring layers of cake, mousse, pastry cream). Each Dolcini is a single serving, but guests won’t be able to resist having just one! They come in a variety of flavors to please everyone, including Chocolate Mousse, Amaretto Tiramisu, Strawberry & White Chocolate Cake, Limoncello Mousse, and Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream. Once you set up your spread, add flavor labels to each one so guests will know what’s on the menu.


Before everyone heads home, give guests a sweet treat to go by setting out a basket of individually wrapped chocolate mints. Place them at one end of the table so guests can snack in between mixing and mingling, or take a few home for the road.


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