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Hosting an upcoming playdate for your kids and in need of fun and creative ideas? Well, you’re in luck! This DIY snack and hydration station features healthy treats, assuring not only that the afternoon goes off without a hitch but that your kids learn some healthy habits for life, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Nestlé® Pure Life®!


To begin, start with prepping a child-safe area to set up the station. Make sure to set up the table for easy clean-up at the end of the day by using a tablecloth or table runner to catch any runaway crumbs!


As a parent, you know that all that running around can work up quite an appetite – and a thirst! Establish a healthy hydration routine for your kids by providing cold, refreshing water bottles. We recommend NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE® “Share-a-Smile™” water bottles. Not only are they the perfect size for kid-sized hands but they also have cool, kid-designed labels that will turn drinking H20 into a fun, life-long habit for your children.


It’s important to keep the bottles chilling in a portable ice chest. Make sure to keep the ice chest stocked with plenty of ice to make sure the bottles stay cold. To ensure easy access, we recommend placing the ice chest within reach for the kids so they can grab on-the-go and get right back to having fun!


Now that you’ve got them hydrated, make sure to fuel them up with fun and healthy food. Carrots, celery and apple slices dipped in delicious hummus and served in kid-friendly plastic containers are a great snack that the kids can enjoy throughout the afternoon. We also suggest fresh fruit packed with plenty of nutrition! Use blueberries and green apple to make the face of a panda. When your kids see that it matches the design on their water bottles, they’ll be giggling for hours. You can even surprise them by serving Hippopotamus-shaped sandwiches – just purchase a hippo-shaped cookie cutter online so you can make your own animal-shaped sandwiches with ease. One look at these and your kids won’t be saying no to anything healthy, anytime soon!


Lastly, we recommend throwing in as much color as you can muster! Colorful paper plates, cake stands, serving trays, garland and even table cards make for a festive day and ensure that your kids will keep their healthy habits for life.


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