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If you’re planning a party for your children and their friends, look no further than these kid-approved double-duty party placemats! It’s an incredibly creative way to set the table while having a fun activity for them to do as well. Get our favorite tips and tricks below, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Nestlé® Pure Life®.


Thanks to Nestlé® Pure Life®, most of the work has already been done for you! Here’s how: before the children arrive, set up a mini-hydration station by filling up an easy-to-reach bucket with water bottles. We recommend using NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE® “Share-a-Smile™” water bottles. Their cool, kid-designed labels make staying hydrated fun and entertaining.


Next, print off the blank designs that are featured on the water bottles by visiting here. These creative drawings can be repurposed into table placemats. Before putting them on the table, make sure to cover the top with brown kraft paper. Not only will this catch any crumbs or runaway spills but it will encourage the kids to color and draw, especially outside-the-lines.


When the kids decide to grab a water bottle to hydrate, have them sit down at the placemat which corresponds to the design on the bottle. This is particularly helpful as it prevents arguing about who’s seat is whose. Make sure to provide plenty of crayons and colored pencils to ensure the kids have ample chances to let their imaginations run wild. It’s the perfect opportunity to be creative. The kids will be having so much that they won’t even realize that they are establishing a healthy hydration routine.


Once they’ve finished and left the table, clean-up is a breeze! It’s so easy, it may convince you to start even using these placemats when the adults are around.


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