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As we all start to see spring and summer parties as realistic possibilities, you may be feeling apprehensive about the idea of socializing in person again. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to a recent Evite survey of 2000 Americans, 42% of people plan to have the biggest party of their life once the pandemic is over – but 38% are worried about making small talk and 34% feel like they have become more awkward in the past year while cooped up inside. If you feel like your social skills may have grown a bit rusty over the past year, take a few practice swings with a Pre-Party Party.

What’s a Pre-Party Party?

Think of a Pre-Party Party as a low-stakes practice party, or an opportunity to warm up your social muscles with a few trusted friends before venturing back into the world at large. Invite your closest friends to come out from behind their webcams and talk about something other than which vaccine you got, or practice flirting on each other instead of on their house plants. 

Why should I have one?

Aside from being a fun and silly excuse to see your best friends, a Pre-Party Party is also great motivation to try on all your nice clothes for the first time this year, whip up that recipe you perfected in quarantine for actual other human beings to eat, or simply deep clean your house and pack your living room blanket fort away for good. Consider it your chance to dust off the cobwebs before your official re-entry into society. 

How do I do this?

Definitely start small, with a group of people you can laugh and be silly around. No one should be nervous about the Pre-Party Party! Send out a digital invitation detailing the purpose of the party and use your invitation’s What to Bring list to organize contributions, so everyone doesn’t show up with the same homemade sourdough. To keep the party upbeat, try to focus conversations on the future – upcoming vacation plans! Returning to the office! Dating new people! The possibilities are endless.

After over a year apart, your friends will thank you for the opportunity to ease back into in-person socializing and practice their party skills – and even if you’re all an awkward mess, at least you’ll get it out of your system before the real ragers begin. Ready to get started? Create a digital invitation to gather your closest friends for your Pre-Party Party now.