Don’t let a budget or busy schedule keep you from playing host. Keep party-planning stress and costs down with these 5 easy and affordable party tips.

1. Serve just one or two beverages

Top 5 Tips for Easy Affordable Entertaining

Make it easy on yourself (and your guests) by sticking to just one or two drink options: Fill a beverage tub or cooler with bottles of your preferred drink on ice — or set out a couple of pitchers, one filled with a signature drink and the other with water (extra points for adding slices of citrus).

2. Make it a potluck

Game Night Party Guide

Just because you’re the host doesn’t mean you have to work up a sweat in the kitchen. Make your party a potluck and let your guests show off their own cooking chops. Just save the main dish for yourself — we suggest chili for a simple yet satisfying crowd favorite.

3. Light candles

Top 5 Tips for Easy Affordable Entertaining

Use candles to instantly set a party mood. Pro tip: Purchase tea light candles in bulk — they’re inexpensive, so you can set them out all over a room and still have plenty on hand for future parties. Bonus: Dim candlelight hides dust, so no time to clean = no problem. Plus, you’ll save money on your electric bill!

4. Decorate with greenery from outside

Top 5 Tips for Easy Affordable Entertaining

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, there‘s something right outside your door that will work as free decor. Cut flowers, bundle branches or collect pinecones to use as centerpieces for a natural touch that won’t cost you a dime.

5. Play an impromptu game

Game Night Party Guide

You don’t have to set up a complicated photo booth backdrop, make an hours-long dance playlist or shell out $20 for a game to keep guests entertained at your party. Instead, just grab paper and pens to organize Celebrity or Reverse Charades, pull out a deck of cards, or download a free game on your phone. Check out more games here to keep the party popping. Ready to host? Plan a winning game night with our helpful tips!

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