Illustrated Thanksgiving table scene

Despite physical distancing recommendations, some Americans still plan to gather for the upcoming holiday. Evite shares insight on how to make sure everyone feels comfortable

As the holiday season draws near, many people are planning to celebrate differently this year as they calculate the risks and rewards of holiday gatherings. With Thanksgiving approaching rapidly, Evite is providing insights from their community of users about what hosts can do to help guests feel comfortable during holiday events.

According to Evite’s data from its users who hosted parties this summer, almost all respondents said that guests handled COVID-19 precautions well. While 70% of hosts feel comfortable with under 20 people at their party, 30% of the parties hosted had 6-10 guests present. Additionally, the majority (60%) of the parties were held outside, where masks and sanitizers were utilized. 

Evite’s data found that older guests are more likely to opt for virtual events and be more concerned about COVID-19 and, no matter the age, 65% of guests feel moderately to extremely concerned about the pandemic in general. It also indicated that many guests plan to cancel or limit their holiday gatherings to family only. 

Evite’s takeaways from this data:

  • Prioritize safety. The way we party has changed a lot this year, and there’s more change to come — but Evite believes the first priority is safety. Its recent survey found that almost half of respondents would feel more comfortable at a party if everyone was wearing a mask. Evite believes hosts will keep this in mind and that invitations will continue to have disclaimers related to COVID-19 for Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving invitations.
  • Respect guests’ comfort levels. Evite recommends having conversations now with friends and family about their comfort level with attending holiday celebrations and to accept that many people may opt out of a larger celebration this year. For those who decide to celebrate inside, take safety precautions like providing sanitation stations, setting up air filters, and swapping fancy serve ware for disposable.
  • Reinvent your outdoor space. Gathering outdoors will surely be easier in some parts of the country than others. Take this as an opportunity to be creative with your space and figure out what space heaters and outdoor tents can make possible.
  • Consider going virtual. Put your worries to rest by celebrating at a distance this year. Send family recipes through email threads, pick out a time for everyone to hop online and enforce a dress code. The festivities can include cooking together, dining together, and non-traditional Thanksgiving food with smaller portions, locally-sourced ingredients. It may not be perfect, but it’s still special!  

“This season, we are mindful about putting our friends and families’ safety and health above our love of large gatherings.. We do understand that some people will continue to celebrate in small groups so we encourage them to have virtual elements for older guests who can’t attend in person, stay outside when possible, and provide plenty of materials such as sanitizer and masks for guests to have access to,” said Casey Martinez, celebration expert at Evite. 

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