Evite Party Ideas Paid Post

Gathering to watch the biggest bowl game of the year is an American institution, whether you have tons of time to plan a party or not. We teamed up with Coca-Cola® and NABISCO to create a foolproof plan for tossing a Game Day party together in no time. Our Game Day Shopping List will help keep your buying organized while our Game Day Party Calculator sorts out how much you’ll need to purchase. We’ve even included additional ideas if you find yourself with extra time, plus links to recipes and easy DIYs. Start planning your Game Day party now!



Game Day Food Options. In addition to the snacks in treat bags, some easy finger foods will round out your menu and please the home crowd. Coca-Cola® BBQ Wings add kick, while a football-shaped cheeseball offered with a variety of crackers (we used RITZ Crackers, TRISCUIT Crackers and WHEAT THINS Snacks) contributes to the Game Day themeTo make the cheeseball, bring three store-bought cheeseballs to room temperature, then reshape them into a football and garnish with jarred red pepper to make the laces on top.

Have extra time? “Pigskins” in a blanket are easy to make with store-bought crescent dough and hot dogs and taste great with honey mustard and spicy ketchup.

snack works football helmet

Touchdown-Worthy Desserts. Chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser, so mini treats like these OREO Cookie Ball Football Helmets are guaranteed to have your fans lined up next to the dessert table at half-time.

Have extra time? A classic Coca-Cola® Cake baked in the shape of a football is sure to score points with your guests. 


Sideline Refreshments. Drinks are as easy as filling an artificial turf drink tub with bottles of water and Coca-Cola® (and Diet Coke® if you think your guests would like the option). Offer mixers and garnishes guests can add, such as lemon wedges, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract and maraschino cherries (include the cherry juice as a mixer, too).

Have extra time? Mix up a batch of Spicy Chocolate Coca-Cola® Mocktails.


Stadium Decor. Party basics can also function as decor when you implement a few football-themed facelifts. An ordinary food table becomes a “Concession Stand” when you use artificial grass as a table cover, add an easy DIY printable banner and display individual treat bags filled with peanuts, popcorn and pretzels. A plain metal tub dressed up with faux grass becomes an awesome artificial turf drink tub. Sprinkle some footballs and megaphones around as props, and you’re done.

Have extra time? Make a referee-inspired table backdrop with black-and-white striped wrapping paper for additional decor points.



Half-Time Entertainment. Take advantage of half-time (and commercial breaks if you can tear guests away from the ads) by encouraging guests to take instant pics with a selection of props. All you need is an instant camera (the nostalgia factor should not be underestimated), some pompoms, a couple of footballs, a mini megaphone or two, and a few feet of clear wall space. Ready, set, snap the pic!

Have extra time? Create a great football-themed photo backdrop by hanging black kraft paper with painter’s tape and drawing “plays” with a chalk-ink pen.

Line up the cheering section for your viewing party by inviting guests with the premium Evite invitation below or one of the others from our Big Game party invitation gallery. Evite-Invitation-595


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