Boys will be boys … and a guys’ night is the best way to let loose and have fun. Plan one with our party guide.


Invite the boys to a guys’ night using an Evite invitation, like the “Beer on Tap” invitation for a bar night below, or this mustache-themed invitation. Then check out our Guys’ Night invitation gallery for more designs.

Evite Guys Night Invitation


Follow the theme: If you’re planning a Casino Night, find a local poker palace that will let you and your boys have a private table, or just break out the cards at home. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be a sports nut to have a blast at a billiards bar or a golf driving range. And you don’t have to be a geek to get your game on at an arcade. If you have a pool table or a video game console, invite the boys over and play at home.


Getting the guys together is a good chance to geek out, no matter what your special interest is. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hold a video game marathon
  • Get out some musical instruments and have a jam session
  • Put together a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament
  • Catch a sports game at your team’s court or field or watch a game on TV
  • Go bowling
  • Tee up at a driving range


Meat. Any variety would work, from skewers and meat-topped pizza to steaks and fish and chips. (Still, be considerate to any vegetarians by preparing veg-friendly food or going to a restaurant with vegetarian options.)

For a more sophisticated affair, have your party catered by a local restaurant you like and trust. Splurge on servers and a bartender to really show your guests a posh time.


Host a whiskey tasting: Everyone brings a different single-malt to share. To keep a tighter budget, try with international beers instead.