This Halloween, try one of these 3 trending makeup looks by expert makeup artist Allie Renée! These 5-minute step-by-step tutorials use everyday makeup to transform yourself into an always styling Unicorn, rocking Glam Girl, or the seductively beautiful Vampiress! Watch all three videos below to learn how to do it yourself.

Unicorn Halloween Makeup Materials:

Unicorn Halloween Makeup Directions:

Step 1: Apply teal cream eyeshadow

Step 2: Add powdered eyeshadow

Step 3: Add pink eyeshadow and blend

Step 4: Blend purple eyeshadow into the corner of the eye

Step 5: Blend both colors together

Step 6: Apply eyeliner

Step 7: Apply mascara

Step 8: Add glitter to the eyelid

Step 9: Add purple eyeliner to the waterline

Step 10: Apply pink shadow under the eye

Step 11: Add pink cream blush to forehead and cheeks

Step 12: Apply highlighter to cheeks

Step 13: Apply self-adhesive appliques

Step 14: Apply glitter around appliques

Step 15: Apply pink lip liner

Step 16: Add pink lipstick

Step 17: Add glitter top coat to lip

Step 18: Add glitter hairspray


80’s Glam Girl Halloween Makeup Materials:

80’s Glam Girl Halloween Makeup Directions:

Step 1: Apply purple eyeshadow to sculpt out the lid

Step 2: Blend shadow upward towards the brow bone

Step 3: Apply white primer to lids

Step 4: Apply silver eyeshadow over white primer

Step 5: Apply black eyeliner to the waterline

Step 6: Apply purple shadow underneath the eye

Step 7: Define the brow with a brow pencil

Step 8: Apply lashes

Step 9: Apply Bronzer to the hollows of the cheeks

Step 9: Apply glitter around eyes and temple

Step 10: Apply lip liner to lips

Step 11: Apply purple lipstick & lip gloss

Step 12: Apply pink colored hairspray



Vampiress Halloween Makeup Materials: 

Vampiress Halloween Makeup Directions:

Step 1: Apply base shadow over the entire lid

Step 2: Apply dark brown eyeshadow in the crease of the eye

Step 3: Add gold liquid eyeshadow to the lid

Step 4: Apply black eyeshadow to the corner of the eye

Step 5: Add burgundy color to the top crease

Step 6: Apply a cream liner for a dramatic wing

Step 7: Apply false eyelashes (optional)

Step 8: Apply eyeliner

Step 9: Apply contour below cheek line

Step 10: Apply bronzer to cheekbones

Step 11: Apply rouge to apples of cheeks

Step 12: Define brows with an eyebrow pencil

Step 13: Apply a dark purple lip liner

Step 14: Apply a dark red lipgloss


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